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At a time when the future of young people is at the centre of French people's concerns, and when an unprecedented wave of insecurity is shaking the student world in France, the FDD Andurand is supporting university students through a range of concrete actions to support and accompany them in three essential areas:

For many years now, Pierre Andurand has been supporting young people in the fields of sport, culture and education, whether by sponsoring clubs or athletes, through acts of patronage, by offering them opportunities to enter the professional world, or by allocating donations to renowned French academic institutions. In particular, the Andurand Endowment Fund aims to help students in financial difficulty through scholarship programs. It aims to frame its initiatives to benefit a greater number of people and generate a wider impact in the following areas:

  • Education (through university scholarships or grants dedicated to academic chairs)
  • Sports (through grants dedicated to supporting and accompanying top-level athletes)
  • Culture (cultural sponsorship to promote French arts, crafts and know-how)



The CLIM'ART ANDURAND - CREATION & CONSCIENCE Prize is the first edition of a figurative art competition organized by the Fonds de Dotation Andurand for art students in France.

The FDD Andurand aims to support and accompany young people in France in the educational, sporting and cultural fields, as well as taking action to preserve and protect our environment.

The CLIM'ART-ANDURAND Prize is an event designed to promote responsible artistic creation in the fields of painting, sculpture, photography and digital art, with the aim of placing the theme of the climate emergency and environmental conservation firmly in the consciousness of contemporary art. 

The CLIM'ART ANDURAND Prize is designed to showcase the different aspects of current creative work on environmental themes. It takes the form of a thematic trail, including a competition, an exhibition and a digital reverberation.

Entries for the CLIM'ART 2024 Prize are now open on our dedicated competition page!