S36/ "Erosion"
As the piece is placed on the body, we confront the specter of eco-trauma and collective grieving, acknowledging the weight of ecological woes that we carry upon our backs. The ceramic material, chosen deliberately for its fragility, serves as a poignant metaphor for the fragility of both natural spaces and the human body.

In the interplay between the ceramic pieces and the wearer's form, we witness a symbiotic relationship that speaks to the interdependence between our planet and our lives. Just as the Coral Carapace offers protection to the body, it also serves as a reminder of the limits imposed upon us by our own actions. As we degrade our natural spaces, we unwittingly undermine the very foundation of our existence, threatening both our bodies and our lives.
This wearable sculpture serves as a symbol of the urgent need for environmental change and collective action. This piece is marked by the body which it mimics in and also limits.When the piece is placed in the space without the body it acts as a representation of the presence of what was there before like bones of the body or coral pieces wasing up on the shore. through this metaphor of the fragility of the body and of our oceans and coral reefs. For in protecting the fragile ecosystems that sustain us, we safeguard not only the future of our planet but also the well-being of generations yet to come.